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Guild members ‘meet the Editor’

By 16th September 2014July 27th, 2023No Comments

Jane Brooks, Rory Brown of Briefing Media; Ben Coates, EBLEX; Emma Penny, Farmers Guardian; Mike Hartley, Briefing Media; Peter Crowe, Ware Anthony Rust. Standing from left: John Allan, Nick Bond, Mike Bunney, Tim Price, NFU Mutual; Midlands Group chair Helen Brothwell, BPEX; Steve Mitchell, ASM PR; Rachel Queenborough, RQB Public Relations; Adriene Mitchell, ASM PR; Eleanor Perkins, HGCA; Sarah Palmer, Milly Wastie, RABI; Clive Marlow and Joe Biggs, EBLEX. Photo by Midlands secretary Liz Snaith.

Eighteen members of the Guild enjoyed an informal and engaging ‘Meet the Editor’ discussion with Briefing Media group editor and Member of the Guild, Emma Penny during the Midland’s branch August meeting.

Emma was accompanied by Rory Brown, co-founder of Briefing Media, and Mike Hartley, head of commercial solutions.

The team shared Briefing Media’s vision with their audience and explained the thinking behind a product portfolio that comprises the print publications Farmers GuardianArable Farming and Dairy Farmer, an online presence through the Farmers Guardian and Arable Farming websites, and has grown and diversified to include the LAMMA and Croptec technical events, and the British Farming Awards.

Rory Brown summarised the aim as being to help farmers to do their jobs better. He said Briefing Media’s decisions are based on detailed research into what the farmer audience wants and the strategy is to build a portfolio of media channels that interlink and complement each other.

“We have therefore invested in a number of different channels in order to supply the information our audiences want in the ways in which they want to receive it,” he explained.

In addition to reintroducing Arable Farming as a print publication (which goes against the general trend of shifting towards more online publishing) Briefing Media acquired the well-established LAMMA machinery show and has started the LAMMAXchange used equipment online advertising service, while also introducing an e-newsletter specifically for vets.

Helen Brothwell