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Jane Carley wins Omnia Precision Agronomy Award

By 8th October 2021July 27th, 2023No Comments

A strong field of entries was submitted for this year’s Omnia Precision Agronomy Award, once again kindly sponsored by Hutchinsons Precision Agronomy.

Freelancer Jane Carley walked away with the top prize of £1,000 for her piece in Profi magazine entitled ‘Keep a mixed fleet on track’.

The feature presented practical, farm-based examples of technology and its application to help the grower become more efficient, reduce losses and increase productivity.

The judges were impressed by the article’s ‘good range of practical examples of the benefits of using precision equipment across a fleet of machines’.

Second place, with a prize of £500, went to Arable Farming’s Alice Dyer for her article ‘Is UK farming set for a new era in plant breeding?’

The piece impressed the judges for its ‘excellent review of gene editing including policy, practical applications and the pros and cons of a complex subject’.

The awards were presented by Hutchinsons’ precision technology manager Oliver Wood at the Guild’s harvest festival on 7 October.