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Jonathan Wheeler wins 2015 Keenan Innovation Award

By 30th October 2015July 27th, 2023No Comments

The winning article by Jonathan Wheeler was published in Farm Machinery Journal in September 2014 and highlighted the range of technology used on an Oxfordshire farm with the aim of ensuring optimum beef production performance and profitability.

It was full of concise information, including some financials, and made good use of quotes and comments, noted the judges, who also said Jonathan’s article was packed with good examples of innovation.

As they pointed out, tight margins mean livestock farmers need to develop systems that can manage costs and improve quality.

The article described innovative approaches to cattle housing and handling design, forage production and feeding management that could apply to a wide range of readers.

The runner-up was Rachael Porter for an article published in Cow Management that highlighted the importance of reducing antibiotic use in dairy herds and how farmers in Norway are tackling the issue.

Judges said Rachael’s article was very well researched and included viewpoints from several valid sources, with a good balance of relevant quotes.

It also introduced farmer readers to innovation and new ways of doing business from another country, in a clear and engaging manner.

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