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New ENAJ Conference: Management and Regulation of Landownership

By 6th November 2023No Comments

Online Event
Date: Monday, November 27th
Time: 12:00 – 13:00 GMT



Soil and land ownership play a pivotal role in agriculture, and perhaps even more so in the establishment and sustainability of young farmers. With intense competition for land usage, effective landownership management is crucial.

Land, being essential for life on Earth, supports various aspects such as agricultural production, drinking water resources, and forests. Furthermore, it underpins human activities related to urbanization, communication routes, economic and recreational activities, renewable energy production, and more. Given the multitude of uses and issues surrounding land and its status as a non-renewable resource, it cannot be treated as an ordinary commodity. Regulation is essential to ensure that everyone can find their place in the land market.

Each member state is independent in matters of agricultural land regulation and management. Therefore, ENAJ invites you to explore this topic through two specific examples: France and Germany.

France: Safer (Land Development and Rural Settlement Company)
Speaker: Loïc Jegouzo, Assistant to the Head of the Studies, Monitoring, and Prospectives Department

Germany: BLG (Federal Association of Non-Profit Land Companies)
Speaker: Udo Hemmerling, Managing Director

Participation in this conference is free, but registration is mandatory. Register here: Zoom conference registration

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