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Roger Moore completes World Wheat Book trilogy

By 12th July 2016July 27th, 2023No Comments

Guild member Roger Moore has helped to complete the third and final volume of the ‘World Wheat Book’ – the most comprehensive reference book for wheat ever produced.

“The project has taken 15 years to complete, and I took over the editing role after Volume 1 was completed from late Guild Member John Parry on his retirement,” explains Roger, of Ahead Ltd.

This ‘encyclopaedia’ of wheat records the evolution of wheat improvement.

It covers the global genetic diversity of wheat, the story of its selection and provides an overview of advances in knowledge of genetics and new technologies now available.

“We believe we have produced a resource that will have lasting impact on future generations of wheat breeders – and all involved with the crop – an achievement we are truly proud of.”

The series examines the development of wheat from a historical point of view.

It takes a global view to examine the current diversity of wheat, its global role in food security, its associated research and the expectations of its producers.

The series also looks to future challenges such as climate change, pests and evolving diseases that could rob us of the expected yields from the improving crop.

In addition, there are chapters on crop development and agronomy as well as the role wheat plays in human nutrition.

The World Wheat Book was edited by an international team.

As well as Roger, it included wheat breeder Bill Angus, who led the team that produced leading varieties such as Claire, Alchemy and Istabraq.

Bill is now managing director of Angus Wheat Consultants Ltd, an international consultancy business in cereal research.

Across the English Channel, the project involved series founding editor Alain Bonjean, of the project’s sponsors Limagrain, in France.

Meanwhile, in Africa, Maarten van Ginkel was instrumental in commissioning a wide range of researchers from over 43 wheat-growing countries.

Full details of the project and each volume are on the web site

Our photo shows Roger, of Ahead Ltd, with wheat breeder Bill Angus (left).