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Travel scholarships, training & international tours

By 2nd February 2019July 27th, 2023No Comments

The BGAJ is lucky enough to be able to offer a wide range of training, travel scholarships and international opportunities.

We offer these both through direct support and its links with the Joe Watson Legacy Fund, the ENAJ and IFAJ – its European and International counterparts.

Sponsoring training and travel can support industry CSR objectives and for the larger bursary opportunities, can offer real life-changing opportunities for the successful candidates.

And there’s real member appetite for training and travel, with over 60% valuing the Guild for the professional development on offer, and over 40% of members keen to get involved in more international travel experiences.

The opportunity

These include funding training for new entrants to the industry, supporting attendance at the Guild’s international congress and bespoke bursary initiatives.

These offer successful member applicants the chance to travel and utilise their journalistic and communications skills to the benefit of wider outreach to industry and beyond.

In-kind support in terms of venue provision and hospitality is also sought to ensure the Guild’s regular programme of CPD training can be facilitated both centrally and regionally in the UK, while keeping training fees down to members.


  • Develop skills and expertise
  • Promote the communication of agricultural issues within the UK and beyond our borders
  • Align to successful applicants
  • Demonstrate support for the agricultural media community


Opportunities at all budget levels.