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News, the agency run by Guild members Ruth Jewkes and Adrian Bell, has expanded beyond home shores with the launch of a new service to handle overseas campaigns and programmes for its clients.

Avoiding the need to sign up multiple agencies across different countries, Whisper now provides a single point of contact as a lead agency for the European agricultural market through its UK offices in Gloucestershire and the West Midlands.

Adrian and Ruth say they are already working with clients developing markets in France, Germany, Austria and Poland, with more to come on-board shortly.

“We’re helping to simplify the European marketing and communications programmes for our existing clients, as well as new ones,” says Adrian.  “With a physical ‘on the ground’ presence in these countries, we can offer the best of both worlds: agricultural knowledge, in-country experience and strong contact books, coupled with the multi-country, centrally co-ordinated approach, managed through a single team, that you wouldn’t normally find in a specialised agency.

“Whisper’s sector knowledge and insight has always been one of our strengths when formulating and executing successful, effective strategies that benefit from our full service abilities,” he adds. “Now we have the capability to roll out those programmes across Europe, with country-customised marketing communications – PR, advertising and digital media – all managed through a single agency.”

Adrian Bell looks out across the rooftops of Bern in Switzerland as the agency develops its services across Continental Europe.