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Will Frazer cycling round the world to highlight rhino plight

By 29th April 2014July 27th, 2023No Comments

Farmers Weekly editorial projects manager Will Frazer has embarked on a round the world bike ride to help bring an end to illegal trade in rhino horn.

Along with his friend Johan du Plessis, they have just set off on the epic journey.

Will said: “In November 2013 we both realised, for our own reasons, that it was time for a challenge. The timing was perfect, the plan was hatched and before we knew it we were going to go on a bit of an adventure.”

They set off on April 20 for the seven month extended bike ride around the world.

He went on: “We are riding around the world to raise awareness of how demand for rhino horn in eastern Asia is leading to the plight of one of nature’s most iconic species.

“Three hundred rhinos have already been killed in South Africa this year. We hope to raise money to help the charity Save the Rhino continue its valuable work in protecting viable populations of wild rhino across Africa and Asia from poaching and habitat loss.”

Having departed from Trafalgar Square in central London, they caught a ferry from Dover to Calais and will ride east until they reach the waters of the south China sea in Shanghai.

From there they will cross to South Korea and then up through Japan to Tokyo. Then they fly to San Francisco, climb over the Rockies and across the mid-west, eventually finishing the trip in Miami.

The route is as direct as they can make it, except for a short detour via Kyrgyzstan to visit some mountains.

“We will be cycling 23,000 km in 230 days through 23 different countries. We’re aiming to average around 800 km a week to give us a break every now and then and to allow for lost time.

“The trip is wholly unsupported and we doing this completely off our own backs.

“We aim to be as self-sufficient as possible, carrying only the bare essentials that we will need to survive living by the side of the road.

“We will use this website to keep people updated on the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the stories that we will have to tell.”

To find out more and follow their jouney click here.

Ben Briggs