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British Guild of Agricultural Journalists Photography Award

Recognising and celebrating the best agricultural photography forms a key part of the Guild’s awards.

Staff and freelance photographers have the opportunity to enter two Guild award categories annually: arable and livestock.

Further recognition is provided by the IFAJ international photography awards, which Guild members are also entitled to enter by virtue of their BGAJ membership.

The Guild’s Photography Award recognises excellence in the composition, content and technical aspects of photographing agricultural and other rural subjects.

Members can enter one image per category and an overall winner will be selected from the winning category entries to receive the perpetual President’s Trophy.

International Award

Guild members can also have a go at winning a prize for their artistic talents by entering the IFAJ Star Prize for Agricultural Photography.

There are three categories – People, Production and Nature/landscape – with a €250 prize for category winners plus €500 for the overall winner.

Visit the IFAJ contest’s webpage for details.